You Are Resilient…… A Brief Note to Counselors Across the Globe!

As we continue to face the uncertainty of this global pandemic that is impacting the lives of millions, I wanted to reach out and remind each of just how important you and your skill set are during this time.

You are “ESSENTIAL” in every sense of the word.

You all provide the world with HOPE in the most darkest of dark moments.

You are willing to give of yourself in ways that are unimaginable to most.

You carry the burdens of others on your shoulders, heart, and mind; yet, you continue to keep a smile on your face and manage to keep your life and family lives in balance.

You are resilient! You don’t break, even when you are stretched ever so thin!

In all of this, I want each of you to know that YOU ARE APPRECIATED and are making a difference in the lives of others.

Remember to make yourself and your family a PRIORITY and Practice SELF-CARE daily.

Happy Counselors Awareness Month to all Counselors across the Globe!

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