Dear Black Men…..

Dear Black Men:

I know, many have said they love you but that’s just not enough anymore.

I can only imagine what you are feeling inside….











….. and I am sure the list of emotions could go on and on.

I shared in this pain with you.

My heart aches at the thought of this world being so damn cowardly.

Your skin tone and your body stature is not intimidating, yet, there are some who menace at the idea of your black masculinity.

Black Men, you deserve so much more.

You deserve to be honored and revered for the amount of strength you display day in and day out in a world that continues to perpetrate harm upon you and doesn’t believe your life matter.

Black Men, your life matters to me and so many others and we stand beside and in front of you ensuring that everyone else know that we are in this with you.

We will fight these injustices and oppressive acts until we can’t fight anymore and when we are done know that the torch will be passed on to others that will continue the fight.

Black Men, you will get the the respect and justice you deserve. Trust and Believe we will make sure to see that through.

Black Men, I am here with you so never feel you are alone.

Black Men: you are my son, my brothers, my cousins, my uncles, my grandfathers, my nephews and my friends.

~Dr. Karla Sapp

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