Simone Biles is Authentic Self Care & Healing in ACTION!

I can’t help but APPLAUD Simone Biles for CHOOSING SELF and Self-Perservation!

As a society we are so selfish when it comes to placing our expectations on others to perform in spite of the anguish (mentally, emotionally, physically, etc) they may be experiencing. Societal standards require that the human being is overlooked and disregarded, while their talent, skillset, and knowledge is exploited and taken advantage of.

As a society, while we’ve watched Simone Biles achieve greatness in the gymnastic world; it is evident that her greatness has come at a cost.

A cost that includes being victimized sexually by a former/now incarcerated USA Gymnastics Physician and most recently being undervalued by Olympic authorities and judges (which is oppression at its best and racially motivated) as well as the pressure to perform.

I can only imagine that enduring what she has had to endure over the years of her committing herself to perfecting her talent and skillset as a gymnast, has taken a significant toll on her mental health and concept of self.

Mental Health is REAL and does not discriminate based on who we are and/or who others perceive us to be!

I’ve seen a few post where individuals have ridicule Simone Biles for, in their opinion, not fulfilling her contractual obligations to her sponsors and fans (which is complete ignorance); however I do believe that Simone Biles first contractual obligation is to HERSELF and her Health……

…….and I am beyond happy to see that she has developed the Mental Strength and Resilience necessary to make herself her 1st Priority and Choosing to take care of herself.

Simone Biles is the GOAT not only in Gymnastics but for doing what many are fearful of doing….

….removing self from the toxicity!!!!!

Simone Biles is Authentic Self-Care and Healing in ACTION!

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