Coming To Your Senses on Mindset Monday

On Monday, 5.16.2021, Dr. Karla had the distinct pleasure of joining Conversations With Nicole during Mindset Monday to discuss the topic “Coming To Your Senses”!

Nicole Everett is a Dynamic Host who has cultivated a Livestream Platform with Conversation with Nicole (CWN) that connects the community through conversations normalizing the discussion of mental wellness in black & brown communities……

…… and Dr. Karla truly enjoyed furthering the discussion of “Coming To Your Senses” from a mental health perspective and all of the meaningful dialogue among the guest during the show!!!!

A recording of the Livestream can be found here: Dr. Karla discusses Coming To Your Senses – Conversations with Nicole on Mindset Monday

Authentic Self-Care and Minority Legal Professionals

Self-Care is more than just a one day activity but rather an Intentional and Consistent Daily Practice that requires Honesty with Self, Awareness and Reflection of Self, as well as Unconditional Positive Regards for Self.

In 2016, there were 2 separate studies that focused on mental health and substance abuse among law students and attorneys and both highlighted that Depression, Anxiety, Substance Abuse, and Suicidal Ideations were increasing among Legal Professionals at alarming rates.

Thursday, April 22, I was Blessed with the opportunity to Virtually join the Port City Bar Association, comprising of  minority attorneys, judges, and legal professionals working in Savannah Georgia, to discuss “Authentic Self Care Practices and the Importance of Taking Care of Their Emotional, Mental, Physical, & Spiritual Health”. We also discuss the Impacts of Racism and How to Navigate Racism In Today’s Climate.

Authentic Self-Care is a Process and not a one day occurrence!

Special THANK YOU to the Port City Bar Association Executive Board for extending the invitation for me to provide an Educational and Empowering Discussion