Dr. Karla’s “Transformational” Thoughts

“The Future Belongs to those who Believe in the Beauty of their Dreams.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

Hello and Welcome to Dr. Karla’s “Transformational Thoughts”.

Ever since I can remember, I have always been passionate about helping others and having a positive affect of the lives of others. My parents raised me with the belief that we must constantly strive to touch the lives of the people around us. As a school-age child, I became fascinated with my elementary school counselor, Dr. Ruth Hall and wanted to spend as much time as I could in her office, assisting her with working with younger students, and playing with all the counseling tools she had in her collection. Dr. Hall never questioned her conviction that I would one day “be a peacemaker” somewhere and somehow. Little did I know, her willingness to allow me to shadow her and be a student helper, would eventually fuel my desire to pursue an education and eventually employment in the field of social service.

As I have evolved personally and professionally throughout the year, I have often relied back on my experience as a school-aged girl working with Dr. Hall and the level of personal satisfaction I experienced during that time. While monetary rewards are of practical importance, I have learned that personal satisfaction is vital to my overall happiness and ability to be effective and successful. I enjoy inquiring new skills and information, which helps me to adapt to the fast-changing world, as well as pique my interest in innovation.

My career as a Licensed Professional Counselor has given me ability to impact individuals in a positive manner, within a variety of setting, and provide me with the constant incentive to improve myself and gain more knowledge. I believe that God has molded me into the type of individual who cares strongly about her surroundings, and cannot be happy unless she is impacting those around her in a positive way. This conviction is deeply rooted in my everyday routine and in my overall life. I want to touch the lives of as many people as I can.

“Transformational Thoughts” is my way of promoting awareness about the counseling profession and professionals, sharing my thoughts about life, societal issues, and concerns, as well as uplifting post to motivate and inspire.

It is my hope that these “Transformational Thoughts” will reach as well as impact you in a very positive way.

Again, welcome to “Transformational Thoughts”!