Owning Your Future…… Are You About It?

When I sit and think about my future, I am reminded of Eleanor Roosevelt infamous saying, “The future belongs to those who believes in the beauty of their dreams”.

I have always been a lover of quotes. Especially quotes that motivated me to pursue my goals and dreams. It is Eleanor Roosevelt words that not only spoke to me during my high school years, but have been a driving force behind my quest to attain success in my life.

There was once a time when I focused more on my past than the present and had no concept of future-oriented thinking. All to often we hear people say we should just live for the moment, but what happens after that moment past? Why can’t we not only live for the present moment but for the moments to come.

This past Sunday, my teenage daughter asked if she could accompany me to a business meeting I had scheduled. Her response, when I inquired as to her reasoning for accompanying me, amazed me. She stated, “Momma, I want to learn how to be an entrepreneur and that what you are so I want to go with you to see how you conduct business”.

This is what Owning Your Future is all about. Living for the moments to come while embracing the present moment. Your future is not determined by others but rather determined by the actions you put forth. See, you can sit all day and talk about all the things you would like to do, however, until you put forth some action, it’s just talk and nothing will ever happen. Reminds me of the old adage, “Actions speak louder than words”.

When you sit and think about your future, what comes to mind? Are there goals you have the desire to achieve, yet, haven’t taken the time to develop you a plan that would assist you in accomplishing those goals?

Its time to stop talking about it and “Be About It”. Start today and Own Your Future!!!!!