Talk Less, Do More!!!!!

It’s easy to identify and talk about all the things you want to do, but, achieving those things aren’t that simple. You must be DOER and not just as Talker.

See, putting forth the work, committing yourself to the process, and seeing it all the way through is what is important. We all want things and live in a way that we tend to expect those things to just happen, yet, we aren’t doing anything to make them happen. We don’t want to work for anything, we just want what we want as soon as possible.

Reality is, it is when you work hard and indulge yourself in the process that you appreciate the end result more. You work to maintain the results you have achieved even after having achieved them. You recognize that you and the goals you have are a continuous work in progress and are willing to put forth the effort to continue to evolve.

I’m not accustomed to just being content because I am more than aware that there is so much I want to accomplish and that in order to accomplish even more, I have to make some sacrifices, develop plans, and work hard. I may fall short sometimes but I do not allow my shortcomings to detour me. Instead, my shortcoming teach me and motivate me to work a little harder.