Falling Into Goal-Setting

As a fall season approach, what better time to begin goal-setting, than now.

During this next few weeks and months, you will be encouraged to identify personal/social, educational, occupational/professional, and extra-curricular goals that you would like to accomplish as well as begin developing a plan for you to reach your goals.

Often time we identify various goals and fail to develop a plan that would allow us to achieve our goals. In order to reach our ultimate goal, we first have to prioritize and engage in goal-setting.

Goal-Setting is similar to a stairway.

In order to reach the top of the stairs, it is necessary to step on each stair, one at time.

If we chose to skip a step, we find that we have to stretch/extend ourselves to get there and sometimes, we slip and fall and have to go back to the step we attempted to skip over, resulting in us either having to start over and/or becoming defeated and no longer working towards reaching the top.

As the fall season approaches, we are going to break down the goal setting process, understand the importance of the acronym SMART and how it relates to goal-setting, identifying short/long term goals along with goal action steps, developing a goal plan, support system, and assess your progress towards your achieving your goals.

Are you ready to “Fall” into Goal-Setting? The journey begins now…….

Journal Prompt: By engaging in goal-setting, I will be able to……………………………