Goal Setting As A Habit

“Winning is a habit, unfortunately so is losing” ~Vince Lombardi

Do you have goals that you would like to attain but just can’t seem to reach them?

Today, I encourage you to make a decision to begin engaging in the habit of goal setting by letting go of negative self-talk, self-defeating thoughts, and fears (all negative habits) that are holding you back.

Although goal setting may seem like a trivial habit, understand that with persistence and the a refusal to quit, good goal setting habits can be developed and maintained.

Research has shown that habits, whether good or bad, can be formed and/or broken in thirty days.

With that being said, understanding how your habits you have formed in your life (good and bad) influence your ability to identify, set, progress towards, and achieve your goals.

Make goal setting a habit, starting today!

Journal Prompt: What are some habits that I have, both good and bad, that may influence my ability to identify, set, progress, and achieve my goals?