Promoting Positive Development of Student-Athletes: Tips for Coaches and Parents

1. Provide student athletes with a fun, constructive athletic environment 

The environment in which a student athlete practices and performs determines how the athlete view themselves and experience with sports. Athletes should be focused more on success and not on social comparison and/or competitiveness, in the athletic environment. 

2. Appropriate Parental Involvement 

Parents should not be over-involved or under-involved in their child’s athletic endeavors, but rather, maintain a balance.  Parents should not place unrealistic expectations on their child, but rather encourage and support them, not being judgmental or critical of their mistakes.  

3. Coaches and Support Staff should Roles Models and Mentors

Athletes look to their coaches and support staff for support, guidance, and encouragement.  It is imperative that coaches and support staff, lead by example, on and off the field.  

4. Coaches and parents should ensure that student athletes are focused on and gaining valuable life skills through their involvement in sport (communication skills, leadership, conflict resolution, decision making skills, stress management/coping skills, working with others, time management, etc).