Dr. Karla Featured in Article Published by Parents

In August of this year, Dr. Karla was contacted via social media by the amazingly talented journalist Jazmin Towe regarding an article she was working on that focused on the criminalization of Black boys in school….

….. which led the scheduling and engaging in meaningful dialogue about the contextual aspects of the school-to-prison pipeline, trauma, exclusionary discipline, as well as the importance of cultivating brave spaces for Black boys!

On October 12, 2022, Parents officially released the article and Dr. Karla couldn’t be more humbled to have contributed to such a timely article that hopefully will provoke a long overdue conversation.

Thank you Jazmin Towe for such a opportunity to contribute to an exceptionally written article!

Read Article: Black Boys and Criminalization

Coming To Your Senses on Mindset Monday

On Monday, 5.16.2021, Dr. Karla had the distinct pleasure of joining Conversations With Nicole during Mindset Monday to discuss the topic “Coming To Your Senses”!

Nicole Everett is a Dynamic Host who has cultivated a Livestream Platform with Conversation with Nicole (CWN) that connects the community through conversations normalizing the discussion of mental wellness in black & brown communities……

…… and Dr. Karla truly enjoyed furthering the discussion of “Coming To Your Senses” from a mental health perspective and all of the meaningful dialogue among the guest during the show!!!!

A recording of the Livestream can be found here: Dr. Karla discusses Coming To Your Senses – Conversations with Nicole on Mindset Monday

It’s Official….. Dr. Karla is a Mental Health Academy Featured Content Expert on Public Policy Advocacy

In November of 2021, Dr. Sapp presented “Utilizing RACE as a Framework in Effecting Public Policy Redressing Racial and Gender Inequities” which is based on her experience engaging in Public Policy Advocacy during the NBCC/MHA Bridging The Gap Virtual Summit.

Soon after the Summit concluded, Mental Health Academy, offered Dr. Sapp the opportunity to have her presentation included in the MHA Course Catalog and become a Featured Content Expert for Mental Health Academy.

We are EXCITED to Announce that on yesterday, Dr. Sapp presentation, “Utilizing RACE as a Framework in Effecting Public Policy Redressing Racial and Gender Inequities” was released and Officially included in the MHA Course Catalog!

To register and view Course: Utilizing R.A.C.E as a Framework in Effecting Public Policy Advocacy Redressing Racial and Gender Inequities

Dr. Karla is Committed to Advancing Equity, Justice, and Belonging

Dr. Karla, during this year, has focused on her Professional and Personal Committment to authentically Advance Equity, Justice, and Belonging!

In demonstrating her committment, Dr. Karla earned her Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace Certificate, offered by the University of South Florida Muma College of Business.

Earners of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace Certificate, offered by the University of South Florida Muma College of Business, have learned the essential practices and tools designed to increase employee diversity and to create a business model that embraces equity and inclusion. The seven-week program, created in partnership with the Tampa Bay Lightning and Jabil, focuses on ways for organizations to create diverse workplaces, address equity issues, and foster inclusivity.

Furthermore, Dr. Karla has also successfully completed and earned the Inclusive and Ethical Leadership Certificate Program from University of South Florida M3 (MUMA College of Business) Center!

The USF M3 Center Inclusive and Ethical Leadership Course features 40 TEDx style sessions (10-30mins) from 50+ experts from all corners of the world covering cutting-edge research and best practices under 8 sections, that includes:

☆ Leadership Basics
☆ Communication
☆ Conflict Management
☆ Ethical Leadership / Decision Making
☆ Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
☆ Innovation
☆ Work/Family Life Balance
☆ Self-Development

The Inclusive and Ethical Leadership Course is joint effort between The Leadership Summit and the University of South Florida, has provided Dr. Karla the tools to answer these following questions and cultivate the following skils:

Are all leaders born?

Can you become a leader later?

What is your personality/leadership type?

A guide to ethical decision making

Complex problem-solving techniques

Self-Development: Learning is a journey

How to build an innovative environment

How to build a professional network & portfolio

Best practices for good communication

How to build trust with your supervisors and co-workers

What is the importance of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion?

Best practices for conflict management

Dr. Karla remains committed to Advancing Equity, Justice, and Belonging as an Advocate of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice!

Acknowledging Labor Day & Advocating For Mental Health!

Labor Day is distinctive among American holidays. It does not derive from major events in American history, the lives of great Americans, or religious traditions; it was created to celebrate the efforts of the American labor movement, the social and economic achievements of workers, and the enobling nature of work itself.

Employers have long played an important role in the development of our health care system, which is rooted in this country’s industrial beginnings. Employers are not only purchasers of health care benefits; they design and solicit benefit models, choose whether (or not) to provide mental health benefits, and determine the administration of those benefits. Educating employers about the importance of investing in mental health benefits has been a major focus as we continue to slog through the pandemic and the need for employers to support employees’ physical and mental health is acute. Persistent stressful conditions associated with the COVID-19 era have serious health and safety consequences in the workplace:

• Exposure to prolonged stress is associated with the development of mental exhaustion, or burnout.

•Mental exhaustion causes physical and emotional symptoms and changes in behavior.

•Burnout is associated with heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and suppressed immunity.

Ignoring symptoms of burnout or trying to push through mental exhaustion has emotional and physical consequences. If you can, use Labor Day to take a step back, re-evaluate and then re-engage.

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Dr. Karla Is Presenting During The American Mental Health Counselors Association Webinar Series

We are EXCITED to announce that on August 24, 2021 at 3pm EST, Dr. Karla will be presenting “Deconstructing Substance Abuse & Wellness From A Sociocultural Perspective” as a part of the American Mental Health Counselors Association 2021-2022 Webinar Series.

Click on the link below to register!

Registration Link: Deconstructing Substance Abuse & Wellness From A Sociocultural Perspective

Simone Biles is Authentic Self Care & Healing in ACTION!

I can’t help but APPLAUD Simone Biles for CHOOSING SELF and Self-Perservation!

As a society we are so selfish when it comes to placing our expectations on others to perform in spite of the anguish (mentally, emotionally, physically, etc) they may be experiencing. Societal standards require that the human being is overlooked and disregarded, while their talent, skillset, and knowledge is exploited and taken advantage of.

As a society, while we’ve watched Simone Biles achieve greatness in the gymnastic world; it is evident that her greatness has come at a cost.

A cost that includes being victimized sexually by a former/now incarcerated USA Gymnastics Physician and most recently being undervalued by Olympic authorities and judges (which is oppression at its best and racially motivated) as well as the pressure to perform.

I can only imagine that enduring what she has had to endure over the years of her committing herself to perfecting her talent and skillset as a gymnast, has taken a significant toll on her mental health and concept of self.

Mental Health is REAL and does not discriminate based on who we are and/or who others perceive us to be!

I’ve seen a few post where individuals have ridicule Simone Biles for, in their opinion, not fulfilling her contractual obligations to her sponsors and fans (which is complete ignorance); however I do believe that Simone Biles first contractual obligation is to HERSELF and her Health……

…….and I am beyond happy to see that she has developed the Mental Strength and Resilience necessary to make herself her 1st Priority and Choosing to take care of herself.

Simone Biles is the GOAT not only in Gymnastics but for doing what many are fearful of doing….

….removing self from the toxicity!!!!!

Simone Biles is Authentic Self-Care and Healing in ACTION!

Authentic Self-Care and Minority Legal Professionals

Self-Care is more than just a one day activity but rather an Intentional and Consistent Daily Practice that requires Honesty with Self, Awareness and Reflection of Self, as well as Unconditional Positive Regards for Self.

In 2016, there were 2 separate studies that focused on mental health and substance abuse among law students and attorneys and both highlighted that Depression, Anxiety, Substance Abuse, and Suicidal Ideations were increasing among Legal Professionals at alarming rates.

Thursday, April 22, I was Blessed with the opportunity to Virtually join the Port City Bar Association, comprising of  minority attorneys, judges, and legal professionals working in Savannah Georgia, to discuss “Authentic Self Care Practices and the Importance of Taking Care of Their Emotional, Mental, Physical, & Spiritual Health”. We also discuss the Impacts of Racism and How to Navigate Racism In Today’s Climate.

Authentic Self-Care is a Process and not a one day occurrence!

Special THANK YOU to the Port City Bar Association Executive Board for extending the invitation for me to provide an Educational and Empowering Discussion

Dr. Karla and Project H.O.P.E. of Coastal Georgia is hosting a Virtual Walk/Run for Mental Health Awareness

Project H.O.P.E. of Coastal Georgia is Proud to announce our Virtual Walk/Run for Mental Health Awareness will be held May 1-31, 2021.

Registration is now open!

Registration Link: Project H.O.P.E. Virtual Walk Run for Mental HealthAwareness

All Monies raised will go towards established Project H.O.P.E. of Coastal Georgia Therapeutic Fund..

For more information: Contact Dr. Karla Sapp at (912) 495-8440 or projecthopeofcoastalga@gmail.com