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Edited by Dr. William Ross of Prairie View A&M University, “Counseling African American Males: Effective Therapeutic Interventions and Approaches” features a chapter by Dr. Sapp, entitled “Theories of Rehabilitation and Principles of Effective Interventions for African American Male Offenders” in which she focuses on utilizing an integrative approach when working with the African American Male Offender population within the therapeutic setting.

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Dr. Sapp has been a featured expert and contributing writer of several articles published by YourTango, which is an online magazine dedicated to love and relationships, allowing the world’s leading relationships and mental health experts connect and engage with women.

Articles that Dr. Sapp have written range from topics focused on Childhoold Roles to Parenting, and also include Personal Happiness and Becoming a Better Person. To view articles written by Dr. Karla Sapp and featured on YourTango, please click the following links to read each:

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Are you looking for interactive tool to Empower the young women in your life?

“From Caterpillar To Butterfly: An Interactive Journal for Young Girls” was developed with young girls transforming into young women in mind. Full of interactive activities and journal prompts, this journal promotes Transformation, Growth, Healthy Relationships, Self-Esteem, and Goal-Setting.

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Exploring everything from personal growth and well-being, to relationships and career, “Discovering Your True Self” is a 31-Day Self-reflective journal that will help women plant the seeds for a more fulfilling life.

With affirming text and journal prompts that promote self-reflection, it is the perfect tool for discovering and inspiring a life worth living.

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From Spring 2017 through Spring 2020, Dr. Sapp had the joy of being an Adjunct Psychology Professor at Georgia Southern University-Liberty Campus.

During her last semesters teaching, she was afforded the opportunity to teach Research and Analysis I and II.

Working alongside Dr. Joshua Williams, her Associate Chair with the research study he designed, her and her students carried out their research.

As a result of our Research Study focused on “Celebrity Dreaming and Belief in the Freudian Dream Perspective”, their work is being published in the North American Journal or Psychology Volume 23 Issue 1 beginning on Page 27 in March 2021.