Dr. Karla Testifies Before the Florida Senate Health Policy Committee

Dr. Karla was given opportunity to represent the American Counseling Association and Florida Counseling Association at the Florida State Capitol providing a testimony to the Florida Senate Health Policy Committee in support of Senate Bill 358 – Professional Counselors Licensure Compact Bill on Wednesday, November 3, 2021!

What an experience it was, for Dr. Karla, standing before the Florida Senate Health Policy Committee representing over 60,000+ Counselors worldwide and over 2000+ Florida Counselors!

To hear the Senators on the Health Policy Committee reference her testimony and receive a “Mic Drop” as well as a Unanimous Favorable Vote, which is quite a rarity in the Florida Senate, was truly Amazing Work!

For those who would like to view Dr. Karla’s testimony, click the following link is: Dr. Karla Testimony

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This is Dr. Karla” Putting the ACT in ACTION” !!!!!

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