SportSTARs: An Academic and Counseling Enrichment Program for Student-Athletes


The development of student-athletes; academically, mentally, socially, and emotionally, is vital to their overall success.

Sports STARs is a premier academic and counseling enrichment program that teaches mental skills for enhanced performance, provides academic advising and mentoring,  and help facilitate the services each student-athlete needs.

Working with a broad range of clients including individual athletes, teams, coaches and referees, from amateur to elite professional level across a range of sporting disciplines, SportSTARs is focused on developing tailored interventions to assist athletes in preparation for competition and to deal with the psychological demands of the sport; equipping athletes with mental strategies to cope with, and overcome, setbacks or injuries, advising coaches how to improve squad cohesion or communication, and delivering group workshops on areas such as self-analysis of performance or techniques to develop mental skills within the sport.

SportSTARs will assess your athletes’ needs and abilities, and monitor sporting performance and behavior; implementing strategies to help your athlete to overcome difficulties, improve performance or realize potential.

SportSTARs will also develop a relationship and work with a multidisciplinary team including other psychologists, nutritionists, GPs, coaches and physiologists delivering academic services, counseling, and/or workshops covering issues such as goal setting, visualization and relaxation.

SportSTARs, is ultimately concerned not only with the wellbeing, mental functioning, and physical performance of athletes, but also their academic performance.

SportSTARs will work to assist athletes with balancing academics and athletics.

SportSTARs will maintain direct communication with coaches, parents, student-athletes, athletic administration and other stakeholders as appropriate, coordinate and implement individualized academic plans for designated student- athletes, including tutoring and study schedules, and provide consulting or counseling services to coaches, trainers, team managers, referees and other sports administrators/leaders.

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