We have know Dr. Karla Sapp for 5 years now, we have had the pleasure of meeting her while my husband was stationed in FT. Stewart GA..It was during that time we registered my daughter to play softball and Dr. Karla Sapp was selected as her coach for the Century 21 team. Having my daughter coached by Coach Karla was a blessing, my daughter had played softball in our hometown in Colorado since the age of 5 but being the new girl not knowing a soul on this team Coach Karla proved to be an engaged coach, a patient coach and a positive role model. Win or lose her motivation remained the same level of upbeat optimism for these young impressionable girls. She had a way of making every girl on the Century 21 team an Intricate player regardless the level of experience in softball. Since then my daughter has gone one to play travel competitive softball and still holds Coach Karla in high regards as a coach, role model. We are grateful to have her cross our path in such a way that we will always be thankful for.

– Lisa L.

More Than A Coach